It's Official!

I am honored to announce that I officially qualified as a candidate for State House District 138 earlier today. Signing my Declaration of Candidacy in our historic state capitol was a humbling experience. I have been in the capitol building often throughout my life, but I have never felt such a sense of duty and purpose as I did today.  

The time has come for a new generation of leaders to step-up and work hard towards improving our state and the lives of its citizens. I’m committed to this challenge and will do my best to serve the people of District 138 and all of rural Georgia.

I was so happy to share this experience with my wife Hayden, who has always been my biggest supporter. As we look forward to the campaign ahead, Hayden and I are grateful for the many friends throughout District 138 who have already voiced their encouragement, and we look forward to working for all of you in the months to come.

Hooks for House 2018!